Did you ever ask yourself, why do I love my significant other?  Why do I tolerate football games on Sundays, the remote being lost, the different ways that your significant other handles the kids vs. how you do?  Is it love? Is it being complacent? Is it because there is no one else out there?  Deep down when you think about the reasons that you fell in love, those reasons are all there.  Love is messy and not the way you see it on Hallmark movies.  I love my Hallmark movies and never miss a chance to watch them. As a matter of fact, I have not missed any of the Valentine’s Day movies they have been showing over the last 2 weeks. So today on the eve of Valentine’s Day, I think about all of that and I ask myself, “why do I love Marcus so much?”
When Marcus and I met,  he left a whole world behind in NJ to be with my two children and me.  He did not look back to see what he left behind. A few years later, we had a baby that was born at 27 weeks.  I became very sick with  stroke level blood pressure and almost lost my life. After the baby was born 13 weeks early, he took care of me  and made sure that I got to the hospital for 5 months while our baby hung on for his life. When the baby came home, he left his job to take care of the him full-time because of all the medical challenges that he had. It has been 7 years since our baby was born and thanks to him, our son has had a fighting chance of recovery as he received care from therapists at home and good medical care.
When he is not taking care of the baby,  he is taking care of our dog Daisy and my parents.  He nursed our family dog Rusty until his last breath,  When he could not walk, he would pick him up and take him outside, bathe him, brush him and hand feed him.  When my older kids need something, they call on him and he is always there with a smile on his face to lend a helping hand. There are not any words to express what he does for us all. In between all of this, he manages my author contracts, our wedding business 27 Miracles, and our charity The Gift of Life. He is now my manager as well for Mrs. Windermere.  Inbetween all of this, he goes out and marries couples . Happy Valentine’s Day to my angel and funny Valentine Marcus, God gave me a Winner!!!!”
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So today take a moment to share how you are celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Post your story here on my facebook page with a picture of your love and we will share it.

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