What a difficult job it is for nurses that take care of kids that are in pain; these nurses make a difference in each child’s life that they touch.   Jean Watson’s theory of human caring is a good example of our human caring for others.  Jean Watson’s theory of human caring focuses on giving as an extension of self.  It is about instilling faith and hope in a person (Alligood, 2013).   When a person is sensitive to another person’s feelings, it helps to build a trusting relationship.  It is important to acknowledge the positive and negative feelings that a person puts out to another person.

Jean Watson believes in her theory that we experience personal growth through teaching and learning as well as spiritual and socio-cultural well-being.  Jean Watson’s theory emphasizes spiritual and nursing practice, which in turn will promote caring and love to the patient.  This will then develop into a caring relationship.    The theory allows the nurse to understand the other person’s perspectives on things and form a mutual bond.  It also promotes growth when a caring environment is formed allowing the patient to be who they are and be accepted for it.  In the case of caring for a child, it creates a  natural caring environment that will help the child and the parent cope during a difficult time.


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Dr. Rosie Moore https://rosiemoore27.com/

Source: Rosie’s Nurse Corner