Doulas provide emotional, physical, and educational support to expectant mothers during the labor process and postpartum.  The doula is professionally trained in childbirth with the purpose of helping women have safe, memorable experiences and empowering a birth the way the mother desires.

The doula services begin typically a few months before the birth in order to establish a relationship with the expectant mother.  Having the relationship early allows the doula to answer any questions that the mother and father have prior to delivery, ease any anxiety, and assist in developing a birth plan.

During labor, the doula will provide the mother with comfort measures, position changes, breathing techniques, and partner involvement in the birthing process.  A doula leads to a better birth outcome and helps to reduce complications for both mother and baby.    Doulas use touch and massage as a means to decrease stress and anxiety during labor.  They use the sound of their voice to have the mother focus during the difficult stages of labor allowing this moment to engage the birth partner on the focal point.

After the delivery, the doula will help the mother start the breastfeeding process and to enjoy “the golden hour” of bonding.

Source: Rosie’s Nurse Corner