Today I am Going “To Do”

Do you ever sit down and write a long list of “to do’s” and yet at the end of the day only one or two things get done on that list?  I am going to lose weight, I am going to eat better, I am going to volunteer time, I am going to …..whatever the to do is something always comes in between our good intention. We try to make our lists fit in our lives but we forget one thing, we are not our own bosses.  What???  Yes God is our boss and if we change our way of thinking and how we want to accomplish things, we may have a better handle on our to do list.

Let’s start by being kind to one another.  After all how many people got irate with friends that did not share the same political values during the elections.  Some people are still harping on who won the election.  If we want kindness extended to us, we must receive it first from God, then extend it to someone else so that we can receive it, it is a three-step process.  So instead of having a “to do” list,  let us think about having a “to become” list.  You want to become the kind person that everyone asks something of because you joyfully will help.  When someone asks something of you, become that person that will go the extra mile, not to please someone and get something in return, but to please God, be a blessing to someone else and feel great about it afterwards.

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