Your Talents

When we think of talents we think about celebrities that have great talents to act, sing and dance.  But talent is given to everyone.  Sometimes we have not discovered our talents because they may not be visible to us. There are many talents that we all have, for instance, are you passionate about something?  Do you feel love towards people who are in need of shelter?  Do you feel compassion for people in nursing homes that do not have family visiting them anymore? If so then those are hidden talents that are not so obvious to others but so important in this world.  Another talent is being positive, seeing the best qualities in every individual when others can’t.  The next time that you think you do not have any talent, ask yourself this, what have you done all week and look at all your accomplishments.  Maybe you sat with a sick friend, offered to pray for people who are sick or hurting, maybe you offered to volunteer to serve meals at a shelter or make care packages for premature babies.  Whatever your talent, God gave it to you so use it to serve others and glorify God!

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