Substitutes in Life

We all want the best things in life without substitutions for it. We are a society that orders online and we expect to get what we order,  but other times we get a notice that says something has been substituted because our item may not be available. Most of the time the substitution is an upgrade and we are satisfied with the upgrade.

On the same note when we ask God for something we are trusting that He will answer our prayer and send us what we want. But what we ask for is not always what is best for us at that moment, so we receive a substitution. Only God knows what lies ahead in the future and why He provides the things that He does, but at the end of the day, that substitution may be a stepping stone to reach the highest peak of what we are really to receive. The best thing that we can do is give thanks for what we do receive, because in God’s eyes it is far better than anything we can imagine.

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