Dealing with Stressful Situations

Did you ever ask yourself how to deal with stressful situations? Sometimes in our day-to-day life, we encounter a situation that causes us stress.  This is the time that we need to redirect our focus to what the root of that stressful situation is.  If we can spend a moment to evaluate if what is causing us stress is something beyond our control or is it something that we can determine to not allow in our lives.  There is a lot of things that we can redirect our focus to for instance spending quality time with family and friends or reading a book outside our house on a park bench or wherever you consider it to be your quiet spot.


Finding the moment and location to refocus on yourself and what is important in your life, will help you to learn how to confront stressful situations and correct it or at least move on from it.  The best-kept secret to being happy is to know how to enjoy the things that you have before moving on to something new.

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Did you ever have someone tell you to breathe?  I don’t mean in the context of life and death breathing, but rather breathe to calm yourself down from the stress of life.  We get wrapped up in the stresses of life and whether we can get everything accomplished in the short time frame that we give ourselves.  If we allow this stress to take control, by the end of the day we are overwhelmed, tired, cranky and unable to concentrate on the things that we are trying to accomplish.

Today take a moment to breathe, look at the breeze outside as the leaves on the trees swing back and forth ever so gently.  This is God’s way of bringing peace in our lives with a gentle breeze that forces us to stop and take a moment to breathe so that we can take it all in calmly and without needed stress, after all,  the task has to be done whether we are stressed or not, so why not opt for the “no stress” approach to get things accomplished.

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Christmas Countdown Day 11 Drink and Be Merry

Did you know that dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure?

Enjoy this recipe:

Heat 3/4 cup of milk in a saucepan over medium heat until just before boiling.

Remove from heat and transfer to a large mug

Stir in 1 ounce coarsely chopped bittersweet or semi sweet chocolate pieces

Let stand about 30 seconds then stir to combine

Have this along with some Christmas music playing in the background as you sit in front of your fireplace or on your porch and start enjoying life!

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Merry Christmas!


Christmas Countdown Day 10 Listen to Christmas Music

We live in such a stressful world where everything is a rush and on demand.  The boss needs the work done yesterday, the kids need your time,  the school needs cookies, projects, your time, your husband needs you to be ready for the all important dinner with his boss and the list of demands on your time become compromised. You get to the point of just wanting to scream!  Take a moment on your drive to work, the store or if you are a stay at home mom and turn up the Christmas music, sing along if you want to, no one is listening! You will be amazed at how your entire body slows down as you hear soothing and familiar music .  There is a reason why in hospitals they have music therapy, it brings your respirations, heart rate and blood pressure down.  So crank up the Christmas music and destress daily!

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Merry Christmas!