Christmas Countdown Day 22

What a great gift I received for my birthday yesterday.  My BFF invited me out to lunch and some last minute shopping at the mall. 

When I arrived at the mall I was thinking about how crowded it may be but in the late morning on a Friday it was not overpacked at all.  It was pleasant to stroll through the mall and be greeted with a smile from a gentleman that had the look of love in his eyes as he was leaving the mall with a little package from Tiffanys.

I then passed a gentleman with a shopping bag from Prada beaming from ear to ear as he quickly walked around the mall.

I continued to make my way to the restaurant passing yet another gentleman on the phone sharing his treasure with someone on the phone about his gift from Louis Vuitton.

As I approached Tiffany’s I saw two more gentlemen with little bags from Tiffany’s.   I glanced into Tiffany’s to see the store filled with male shoppers, talking with the salespeople.

As I proceeded on my journey I looked around and saw mostly men shopping and started to think to myself about the first few people that I saw with their special gifts they selected for their significant others.  Not everyone, of course, can spend the prices that Tiffanys, Prada, or Louis Vuitton charge, however when it comes time to selecting a gift for that special someone, it is not the price but the thought that comes from your heart and how you present it.

A simple card that says you love someone and the gift of time may be the gift that will always be remembered.  So this Christmas whether you can afford a gift for that special someone or you can’t due to circumstances, take the time to write a beautiful love letter about the way you feel towards that special someone.  Really put some thought into what is in your heart, your significant other will treasure that forever.

I finally made it to my lunch with my BFF and realized that we all need days like this to share lunch, dinner, a cup of coffee, or tea with those near to our heart and cultivate those relationships.


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Christmas Countdown Day 15

How is your shopping coming along 10 days before Christmas?  Shopping from store to store to find those unique treasures for friends and families can take a toll on your body especially your feet. 

Today as you plan your shopping outing, take a moment to look at what you are wearing on your feet so that you can be comfortable. Although those fancy red shoes may put you in the holiday mode,

save those for the Christmas party and consider sneakers, flat boots, or low heel shoes, your feet will thank you.

Take a moment inbetween a few hours of shopping to sit down and give your feet a break.

When you get home soak your feet, apply some lotion, and then don on some socks to keep the moisture in.

In the morning you will have happier feet that won’t hurt!

Happy shopping!

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Christmas Countdown Day 14 Comfortable Soles

Christmas shopping can have your feet barking at the end of the day.  It is important to wear comfortable shoes or sneakers that will protect you feet from the stress of walking to fund that ultimate perfect gift.  When you get home, take a moment to soak your feet, once you do that then you can wrap a towel  around one foot and grab both ends of the towel, then pull your toes towards you for 15 seconds, then release it.  Do this until you feel the soreness go away on each foot.

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Merry Christmas!



Christmas Countdown Day 9 Just for You

It seems that as soon as November rolls around for many of us we get really busy with children’s activities and the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, shopping for Christmas, decorating, plays, shows, family and non stop invitations to Christmas parties and activities.  We can make a career out of attending events all through the Christmas season without taking  a moment to recharge our batteries.

This Christmas season we are only 9 days in to the month, take a moment to write a list of what you have left to do, organize your time to allow some down time daily for yourself to just sip on coffee , tea, or hot cocoa uninterrupted, read, spend a few extra minutes just enjoying your significant other or your kids and pets.

Take another moment and write yourself a Christmas card and stick it in your stocking addressed “a Christmas gift to me” and enclose money/gift card to do whatever you like to do whether a pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, movie or anything that is a “just you” activity that will help you relax and enjoy the moment!

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Merry Christmas!

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