Serendipity December 27th

December 27, 2005, a man named Marcus Moore asked me to be his wife by heart-shaped fireworks as we watched them from my house. Today is our 12 year engagement anniversary. Many don’t know the whole story, but if you read my book A Story of Faith, you will be able to read in detail how we ended up together. Today is about saying thank you to a man that allowed me in 12 years to become who I am today. In 12 years I completed my bachelors, masters and I am also almost finished with my doctorate of nurse practice.   We started a successful wedding business 27 Miracles, a non-profit organization called The Gift of Life, expanded my love of dance to a point where I could go to a competition in a group and win 1st place with my group, performed in ballets, Christmas shows, and musicals.   We have traveled to places I have never been before, learned to laugh, and care about others, write books, and become a legal nurse.  We had a beautiful baby boy that although born prematurely was the inspiration to start a non-profit to help other premature babies and their families. 

I was able to achieve a Master Bridal Consultant designation.  My latest accomplishment was the designation of Mrs. Windermere International, through this title I am able to reach audiences I would never have dreamed of reaching for my platform The Gift of Life. 


To think he manages all this in my life.  I am sure there is so much more …but first of all, I thank God for placing Marcus in my path many years ago and then I thank Marcus for being there for me through the ups and downs of life. Happy 12 year engagement anniversary! A serendipity moment that neither of us will ever forget.

If today you are looking for that serendipity moment in your life, do not worry it will come.  I waited almost 8 years for it.

Read A Story of Faith

and my newest romance novel based on fiction but oh so inspiring to many, When Being in Love Hurts.  

Give yourself time, the right person will come in your life one day when you least expect it.  Miracles do happen!

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The Day is Almost Here What Do You Have Planned

Do you remember your first date? Do you have a favorite song that you and your significant other enjoy listening to? Incorporate these concepts into the day such as having a date at the same location you had your first date. Those first date memories will come back, and you can ponder on why you fell in love. Adding little touches unique to your relationship will make the day more romantic.

This was not our first date, but it was a place that we considered important in our life as our love romance was very serendipitous!

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Serendipity…By Chance

Serendipity, one of my favorite movies and words.  You ask, what does serendipity mean? “The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

In the movie Serendipity, two people met by chance and the connection was instant.Through the years a series of events happened that made one or the other remember each other ( you will have to rent the movie to see the end, no spoilers here).  Some people call serendipity luck or by accident, but really it is the Divine Hand of God or scheduled appointments.  We can have an idea and say that it is a creation on our own, but where did that idea come from?  The ideas that we have come from God, He places these divine appointments in our path either with someone or in our hearts.

So the next time that you have an idea, write it down, explore it in your mind, pray about it and ask God to help you develop it and see where it takes you.  In the case of love, a serendipitous moment is also very possible, that is how my husband and I met through a serendipitous moment, but that is a story for another day!

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