Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposal

A lot of guys think about Valentine’s Day as the perfect day to ask their sweetie to marry them.  Many of the guys give a lot of  thought about creative ways to ask their sweetheart to marry them.  They think of hiring photography and videography to capture that  special moment.  Many times they create a  romantic getaway with their true love.  When planning this special proposal, be certain that she will say yes, that is key!  Marriage is a long-term commitment not to be taken lightly.   Once you know for sure that your sweetheart is the one for you and you know that she feels that way too, then it’s time to prepare for the big day.  If your sweetheart is the romantic type, then a baseball game in the middle of the field is probably not the right way to propose as she  may feel uncomfortable.    Know your bride to be and what her personality is, that will always guide you.

Some other tips:

  1. Many women know that if there has been talk of marriage that a proposal may take place on this day. To keep the element of surprise, when you invite her to dinner at 7pm,  let her know that you will be by to pick her up at 6 ( depending on distance of restaurant) then show up to her doorstep in a chauffeured driven limo with a harpist in the background playing a beautiful romantic song as you ask her to marry you. Totally unexpected!!!

2. Do think about what she is wearing on the day that you propose especially if you are going to capture the moment on video or photography.

3. Now if your sweetheart is more reserved and does not like a big pomp and circumstance, don’t plan a big public proposal. Instead opt for a quiet location where it is just the two of you, the beach, the lake or favorite park.

3. If you are looking to propose just the two of you in a special getaway, consider Turks and Caicos, on a candlelit romantic dinner on the beach!


How about Alaska?


Best wishes to all the guys thinking of that special Valentine’s Day proposal!!

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Romantic Weekend Getaway

As we approach Valentine’s Day weekend some couples want to plan a romantic getaway locally and some have a few more days that they can get away to a beach or ski resort.  Whichever you do,  plan on lots of romance and making it just about the two of you.

I remember my Valentine’s Day weekend last year.  Funny enough we had always wanted to go see the smoky mountains but due to our busy schedules with school, work, business and an active family life, we could never just get it on the schedule.  By the time we planned to do something, everything was booked or very expensive since it was Valentine’s Day weekend. We decided to go to Mount Dora and find a bed and breakfast on a Saturday afternoon to stay at and just make it a relaxing weekend.  The weather was beautiful for Florida,  a nice Florida winter.  We stopped at the famous Yalaha Bakery for lunch and ate on their outside picnic tables.  It was great to be outdoors enjoying the Florida crisp air and talking with my Valentine.

As we were eating we could not help but reminisce about not going to the mountains. Marcus, my husband and Valentine, said, “you know what,  let’s just get in the car and drive North until we get tired and then we will stay in a hotel and go exploring in Georgia.”   I said,  “are you crazy, it’s 4pm.” But the excitement of the unknown with my Valentine, set the mood and  so off we went!!!

We talked as we drove out the interstate to Georgia.  We had the best conversations and left business talk at home.  We stopped a few hours later at a Marriott in Macon Georgia and when we arrived, we dropped our overnight bags and went to the hotel restaurant. We had our favorite gourmet pizza, Marguerita pizza and enjoyed more laughter.  Later on, we walked around the hotel and enjoyed some coffee while we thought about the drastic temperature change ( it was 25 degrees, definitely not the 60 we left in Florida!)

The next morning, Valentine’s Day, we woke up, had a hearty breakfast and checked out to go start our day exploring.  We drove out to see mountains and stopped at a few antique shops and enjoyed each other’s company as we strolled on the cold streets of Georgia.  We had lunch (indoors of course) at a cute little cafe and continued our exploration of the Georgia mountains.  We went on the winding curves of Blood Mountain and just enjoyed the cold, but breath-taking views.

At the end of the day we had to head back home as we both had to be at work the next day.  We drove what seemed like all night (we had drifted 3 hours beyond Macon, so that added time to our trip). But on the way home with a coffee stop and dinner stop, we talked about our lives together and what we have accomplished.  We also talked about how much we enjoyed being with each other.

The trip to many may seem crazy because it was so unplanned and most that know me, know as a wedding and event planner I have everything planned to the last minute.  But what was great was just that , the spontaneous last minute trip.  It made us feel relaxed, because we did not have an agenda to be anywhere or see anyone at any special time.

Enjoy the rest of our pictures from our Georgia adventure!


So the next time you get an idea to do something different and unplanned, go for it, you will find those are going to be your most treasured moments!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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