Don’t Allow the News to Dictate Your Outlook on Your Life

In today’s world we are surrounded by negativity everywhere we look. When we turn on the news it is the rape, murder, robbery, or the political issues that we hear first.  How sad that all we hear as we wake up and start our day is negative news in the world.  What if we started our day listening to a positive inspirational message or watched a funny television show that made you laugh from start to finish.  How would our mood change and affect our day?

May is mental health awareness month and with depression, anxiety and suicide on the rise, we cannot allow these emotions to take over our entire lives.  There are always going to be angry people in the workplace, on the road, at the store, and even in our own family.  We can choose to be upset with them and share in their negative behavior or we can say, “You know what, by getting upset, depressed, and feeling sad or stressed, it is not going to change that person and will leave us feeling bad.  So today, choose to say, “I cannot change anyone else and how they feel or their circumstance, but I can change my outlook and how I see things; I choose not to allow someone else’s negative vibe get the better of me.”

A personal tip from me and what I do, I wake up in the morning watching one of my favorite TV shows that makes me laugh and even though it is an old show and they are reruns from before we were all born, it is funny, I Love Lucy.  I can watch the same show many times and still laugh at it.  Find something that makes you laugh.  Next when I go to the gym in the morning, instead of filling my mind with the loud music early in the morning, or the select channels of negative news, I look for some inspirational videos that I want to watch before I enter the gym and usually you can find one that is 30-45 minutes long or however long you need it to be for that particular day’s work out and watch that.  Watching those videos as you are on a cardio machine not only fills your heart and mind with something inspirational, but you may learn a thing or two that will help you.  If you are doing weights and walking around, find a station of music that inspires you and that you can feel energized with or you can continue to listen to the video without watching it since it is usually a speaker on a stage.

Have a blessed weekend and let us remember that it is not about the three day holiday weekend, we should remember those that died in the line of duty to give us the freedom that we have today.

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