Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s day comes around every year on February 14th and this is the day that some men cringe at.  The reason they cringe is not because they are not romantic, it is because Valentine’s day has become such a pardon the expression, marketing holiday, that no sooner than December 26th is here, Valentine’s cards and items show up at the stores.  It has become on the ranks of holidays next to Christmas one of the most expensive holidays there is.

The women want romance and the men would love nothing more than to provide it, but the problem is that restaurants have increased their price on eating out to an almost $150 per couple meal ( with alcohol extra) and with that, getting a gift or entertainment, the gentleman has spent at the very least $500 dollars for one day.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the fancy dinner just as anyone else would, but when you think about it, you can save a bit and enjoy this very same place on a non holiday and still have romance.

Today let me take you on a virtual trip to Morroco.  Yes ladies, let’s get creative. Gentlemen, don’t worry this won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you will have some money left over in your wallet.  First of all if you want the beautiful romantic restaurant overlooking the water, downtown, fireworks, or anything like that, reserve that location the week before Valentine’s or after or a different month when it is not twice the price to eat there , you will enjoy it more and also you will not have as crowded a restaurant.

So let’s get in the kitchen, relax ladies and gents too, because  gone is the old style that the woman is the only one in the kitchen.  If you think that, you shall have to check out a couples cooking class and see for yourself.  This gives couples the opportunity to bond and do some cooking together in the kitchen, that may lead to some cooking elsewhere! I will leave that to your own imagination 🙂

But getting back to the table.  Setting an informal table for 2  is simple.  First of all, remember it is your romantic dinner and anything you do, will be great as long as your sweetie is with you.  Have fun with it.  It does not have to be so formal that  you do not enjoy the meal.  I had the opportunity to be on the Newlywed Guru show and help her talk a little bit about the setting up of an informal dinner table.  She decided that she loved the Moroccan culture and that she would set up a table using their typical style.  It was fun, creative and full of color.

Watch the video below, this will give you some tips on setting up an informal table.

This was so much fun setting up.  I thought about it and said what a great way to set up a romantic dinner for two.  It is different, easy, and very informal.  Most of all it is economical, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money because you are cooking at home.   I am sure you will have leftovers that you can take the next day to work for lunch (and if you add a little love note in your spouse’s lunch bag, you will be carrying the love longer as he remembers the romance of the night before).  Many of the dishes that you can prepare can be found on google  for recipes from Morrocco.

And if you want  to shop for some beautiful trendy Moroccan pieces to add to your home, visit this shop :

Enjoy your dinner it is a great one for Valentine’s Day if you want something exotic and fun with lots of reds and oranges for your decor.

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