Christmas Countdown Day 15 Stress Relief

With only ten days left till Christmas, it seems impossible to get everything done in time.  Everyone has to work, kids are finishing the last few days of school, the house needs cleaning , family is coming, last minute gifts have to be bought and some have not started their shopping at all.  This sounds like a moment for  a bath salt commercial!!  As you have been reading the Christmas countdowns the last 14 days, they have all been about enjoying the Christmas season with family, friends and making time for yourself to recharge your batteries.  It is easy for all of us to get wrapped up in this busy season.  Let’s take a moment to make a list and see what you can organize to get done in a timely manner.  Think of where you need to go after work, during lunch and in between to get it all done without creating you more stress.  It is hard to get organized sometimes with all the demands but it can be done when you have a mission and a plan to get there !

Happy Organizing!

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Merry Christmas!


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