Christmas Countdown Day 3

Today’s countdown is about reflection and letting go of the things that we cannot change.  The holidays often bring out feelings in people that throughout the rest of the year are not felt. Often times these feelings come as a result of memories of a happier time in their lives with the wish that things would go back to the way they were when they were at their happiest time.   We can’t change the things that happened in our past and bring that former life to the present, but we can change the way we look at things in the future.

Today I read about a friend’s husband who always had the tradition that every day before bed they would kiss, hug, and tell each that they loved each other.

Who knew that December 1, 2017, would be the last time that she would ever hear those words, “I love you”, or feel the warmth of his hug, and the intimacy of his kiss? That is what happened when she awoke on December 2, he had passed away in his sleep. Often times we go to bed angry with our spouse, friends, family, and angry at the world.  Let us remember what it is that we are mad about and ask ourselves, is it worth the battle?

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Christmas Countdown Day 8 Lingering Lips

Studies have shown that couples who kiss often are up to eight times less likely to feel stressed or depressed.

So tonight take a moment and meet your sweetie under the mistletoe and make it a habit to meet there often for a lifetime of good health.

At our house one year we forgot to put the mistletoe away and we have for the last few years enjoyed it staying out all year round!

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Merry Christmas!