The Cover of the Book

Have you ever needed help and you were hesitant to ask for help because you look at someone and think they are not qualified to help you? We look at a person’s exterior and think to ourselves, they have long hair, tattoos, drive a motor cycle or belong to a group that we may not want to associate with. Most recently I was driving along the interstate and saw a woman being helped by a biker with long hair and on the back of his jacket he had the words “Hell’s Angels.”

I thought to myself after looking at the woman and him, would I let someone like that help me?  Then as soon as I thought about it, the words “never judge a book by its cover” came to mind.  I soon realized that when we pray for help, God has a way of sending help and will use anyone He sees fit for the job to help you whether they are the sharp looking businessman or the rough looking biker.  The point is we do not know where our help will come from at our moment of need and how we can make a difference as well in someone’s life.  If we can look beyond our own prejudices, we can discover a whole new treasure in our world around us.

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