The Day’s Troubles

Do you ever wake up and think to yourself about how everything has gone wrong in the last few days, weeks or even years?  We are all guilty of that at some point in our lives.  But is it really a long period of time that something is wrong or is it 5 minutes long and we stretch it for hours?  That is what we need to ask ourselves, how long is our trouble going to last?  Yes there are some troubles that last a lifetime as a result of poor choices that one makes, however the only way to get through that is to look at what is around us.

Look at the countless blessings that surround us no matter how small. Look at the fact that we have phones to communicate and do our work with when we are not at the office or to communicate with an old friend , kids and family.  We can look at the fact that we are stuck in 20 minutes of traffic and as we drive by see a car accident and think to ourselves, that could have been me, thank you God because You protected me.  Today it is raining and you had plans to garden in your yard, thank you God because tomorrow is a new day and my lawn will be green with your natural rain.


It is very easy for us to get in a rut of complaints and if we are around people who feed that negative in our lives, we will start to sow what they are feeding us.  Today take a moment to look at who you have in your inner circle and if they are helping you be the best that you can be.  I am not saying that you should not be friends with them, on the contrary, be of example and allow only those that are going to encourage you and pray with you in your inner circle.  Be a blessing to those in your inner circle as well, in other words, as you receive from them, give back in the same way or more and keep the positive attitude going.  For your outer circle, be encouraging to them no matter how discouraged they get and pray for them.

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