I Love You

Sometimes in life we get busy and we put things off until we have time to fulfill our dream.  Jobs, family, pregnancy and obligations keep us busy.  Part of marriage is not tolerating each other only, but romancing your spouse……say I love you for any reason daily, not just “love you” I can love cake and ice cream or the movies….really say ” I Love You” and take ownership of the feelings you are expressing. It is a bond not only in marriage but in your faith in God. Marriage is a long-term commitment not to be taken lightly.

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday; therefore, many of us will be working during the day. In the morning, send a little note to your significant other wishing them a good day, and if time permits, have a lunch date.

Enjoy the day all day long, with little messages, notes, a special breakfast that all lead up to dinner. But always keeping in mind, this is not the only day that we share our love with our significant other, it is daily.

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