Best Valentine’s Gifts

Most recently I asked people what they considered the best Valentine’s Day Gifts they ever received or would like to have.  The girls answers  and the guys answers you think would be different , but at the end of the questions asked, they all had the same answer and that was to spend quality time with the person that they loved and to be told that they were loved.   Everyone wants to feel like they are appreciated and loved by someone.

Here are ten ways to make someone feel loved:

  1. Write a little note saying “I love you” and tape it to the bathroom mirror the night before so that when they wake up in the morning they find it
  2. Make your significant other lunch and pack it for them and place a note in it to say “I am thinking about you.”
  3. Make a book about all the reasons that you love your significant other and give it to them
  4. Take a long walk around the park or in your neighborhood and pick one topic to talk about, “the day you met and how each of you felt”
  5. Watch a romantic movie at home and afterwards sit out on the patio or porch and reminisce about the first time that you kissed and what each of you thought about.
  6. Cook dinner together and surprise each other with a massage afterwards
  7. Take the day off from work and surprise her with lunch at a romantic cafe and avoid the rush crowds at night then take a walk to the park and enjoy a nature walk together holding hands
  8. Plan a weekend getaway to a cabin or bed and breakfast and just rekindle moments together
  9. Write a love poem for your wife/husband even if does not rhyme.  Write from your heart.
  10. Get a dozen roses and on each one place a note telling her 12 things you love about her

Enjoy the planning of your Valentine’s Day!

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