Love What You Do

Do you love what you do? There are many people who work jobs because they need an income and they can’t take what they love to do to make a living.

There are many get rich schemes out there that promise you that you can own your own business and do what you are meant to do.

Many contemplate doing those schemes to be happy because they long to do what they love doing, whether it is being an author, planning weddings, building cabinets, doing hair and make up, acting, dancing, and any other love that they have.  While not everyone is doing what they love, take a moment to think about what you do for work daily.  Think of who is being impacted with the work that you do.  The attitude that you go to work with can move you along to be satisfied in everything that you do in your life.  If you have a love for dancing for instance, but you are not able to leave your job to be a famous ballerina because of the commitment that is involved going from audition to audition and the income required to train, buy dance outfits, and pay bills, then look at your current job differently.  Look at your job as the vehicle that can satisfy the desire that you have to dance or any other love that you have.  Your job allows you the freedom to pay for a hobby that makes you who you are.

Many people will say but there are others that have a business in wood cabinetry for instance, but yet I do not receive enough business to make my own store and pay employees.  Do your current job with love, as if working for God, maybe it is not meant for you to have the stress of owning your own business and waiting for income to come in to pay your bills. If you are good at cabinet making and you enjoy it, continue to do it as a hobby because you will enjoy it more than if you had to depend on it as a sole source of income, then it would become a chore or rather “a job” that you “have to do.”

Don’t think that the work you daily for pay is insignificant.  Pray as you go about your work day and see that in no time you will use your job as a vehicle to advance the things that you love to do as a hobby without any commitments or pressure and they will become enjoyable.  Volunteer your time and talents with others because it can’t always be about making a dollar.  If in your heart you make room to help someone, you will find in life that others will make room in their heart for you.

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