Christmas Countdown Day 4 Genuine Happiness

Many people ask me what makes me genuinely happy? I believe that only you can make yourself happy if you choose to be.  It might sound simple to say just be happy, but being positive is one way that helps.  It is easy to complain about family, friends, co-workers or a spouse.  This Christmas season as we enter a new year, let’s not be so quick to complain about others, let’s talk about the good that someone does.  Sometimes it really takes a lot of effort on our part especially if the person is not nice, but we can ALL do it!  So the secret to genuine happiness is being generous in our love, sharing it with others and focusing on what we have to give and not what we do not have.  It is not always about our financial status but our spiritual status.  Our love should radiate out from inside and spread to others.

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Merry Christmas!