Redo Your Life-Get a Do Over Button

Do you ever wish that you had a “do over” or “fast forward button? ” Many times we wish that we could have a button to erase painful memories of the past and relive our lives a different way.  Many movies on TV allude to that whole new life concept of  do over after a dream. When we watch the movies that hit close to home, we find ourselves daydreaming and longing to see our lives have a happy ending.  What we need to remember is that these are Hollywood movies to get at our emotions, because if they touch an aspect of your life, then you rate it a good movie.  However, in our daily lives, what we can do is really have a “do over button” not so much to do our entire lives over, but more to not repeat the same mistakes again.  When we go through a situation, if we can look at how we handled it, then we can learn how to handle it differently to avoid a mistake whether financially or emotionally.



Today take a moment to give yrouself a pat on the back, because we can be our own worse critic and we do have to take time to compliment ouselves and say we are doing a good job

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