When Your Christmas Wish Does Not Come True

When Your Christmas Wish Does Not Come True

Christmas is a very hard time when people are going through a divorce. I often ask myself why do children have to endure a divorce, especially during the holidays. Most recently as I was on line waiting to see Santa with my little one, a little boy about 8 yrs old brought a letter for Santa to read. In the letter, he asked Santa to bring his parents back together. Santa peered through his glasses at both parents and shared the boy’s wish with them. The look that was on the mother’s face was that of hope, the father had the look of “I am only doing this because it is the last year that I will be here with you.” It was sad to see these looks, but the saddest was the disappointed look on that boy’s face. Santa Claus responded that this was a very tall order and he only specialized in gifts that he could warep. The little boy took his picture and walked away.

I could not help but wonder what will happen to this little boy’s faith in Santa Claus, but most importantly, in his parents. and when that never happened he seemed to have lost his hope and his belief in Santa. In situations like this, your first desire is to helo that little boy. This Chrsitams let’s be sensitive to all we encounter especially if they have been through a divorce.
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Christmas Countdown Day 16 Missing Family

This time of year can be very happy for many and sad for others and the seasons change based on what is happening in our lives.  Some have suffered the loss of a family member by death, others suffered divorce or loss of a relationship, friendship or family that drifts away.  Whatever the situation may be,  it is a loss that brings sadness to our lives.  Some families do not have financial ability to have a “good Christmas”.  Define ‘good Christmas,” is it presents, fancy decorations, big fancy dinners, or vacations?  For most of us, those things would be nice, but the reality is we all long to be loved unconditionally and to receive the greatest gift of all, to have someone special in our lives that will just spend time with us and love on us.  Many families have arguments during this time especially families who are divorced because each parent wants their child with them for the holiday and when we look around the child is the one affected at the end.  Later on these children grow up either resenting Christmas or really embracing it, it all depends how they perceive it.

This Christmas, let’s make it a conscious effort to set aside our disagreements, love on family and friends a little more and if we can give a tangible gift that is great, but if we cannot, then a heartfelt card that comes genuinely from your heart will go a long way. Remember those that are elderly and those that are missing a loved one this year.  It is not easy because that person is gone forever and although their memory lives on, the gap in our heart is always there as we miss them.  If you have your loved ones with you, hug and kiss them a little longer and make memories that you can treasure always because tomorrow is not promised and we should not live with regrets in our lives.  Forgiveness is not always easy, because we have to be humble, but at the end, you will be a much better person for it.

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