The Detours of Life

Have you ever gone out and rented a car and they don’t provide you  GPS to know where you are going in a new place that you have never been to before?  It is frustrating if you are not good at looking at maps and poor signals to rely on a gps on your phone.  Moments like this make me remember that sometimes we come across unexpected road blocks that we have to get through to get to our final destination. Life sometimes has detours and it is up to us to follow the detour suggested.  The detours will often delay the expected arrival time to our final destination and we get upset about it.  We can choose to be upset and still arrive late because that is the path that we need to be on or we can choose to accept the detour and be content knowing that this is out of our control and we will eventually arrive.  Either way our destination has been changed so why not arrive there safely and with a smile and an attitude of great disposition, than one of frustration because things did not go our way.

We often pray and ask God to change things in our life and to swing decisions our way because we feel entitled to that and when they don’t we blame God and sing the praises of “woe is me.” We are all guilty of thinking life should be according to our rules.  I have learned that letting go of what we cannot control, is far better on our health and emotional well-being, than fighting to get something to go our way.

The next time you find yourself putting up a fight to make something go your way, stop for a minute, step out of the situation and look at it as an outsider.  Examine what it is you are trying to accomplish and see where that path is going at that moment, if it seems like a struggle , pray about it and ask the Lord for direction on how you should proceed next.


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