Be Original, Be Yourself

Everyday we see television commercials about celebrities advertising clothes hairstyles, fashion, wealth and a certain lifestyle.  As humans we dream of being like those celebrities or other people that we look up to and desire to be just like them.  But we fail to realize that who we are is what makes us special.  We are original artwork from the Master Painter Himself, God!  If God had wanted us all to be like everyone else, He would have instilled the same gene in all of us.  instead He gave us each our own thumbprint to be the best that we can be at all we can do.

So the next time that you feel pressured to be like anyone else in school or as an adult to match up to a business that is in your same field, think to yourself that you are unique and can do anything that you set your mind to.  Two people can have the exact same training to handle a situation but each has their own flair on how they will handle it.  It does not mean that one is right and the other one is wrong, it just means that each handled the situation differently to receive the same outcome.

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