Christmas Countdown Day 7

Today take a moment to reach out to others.  Christmas although a wonderful time of the year for most,  is a very lonely time for others.  Some people may have lost their spouse, gone through a divorce, break up, estranged family members, personal or family battling an illness, or just lonely because they do not have anyone in their life that is close.  These can all be hard times for people during a time that should be a joyous occasion.  Although everyone is busy this time of year,  make it an effort to call and speak to someone that you have not called in a while.  Call someone that can use a cheerful voice and let them know that you are thinking about them.

Take a moment to take a friend out for coffee or tea.

Another way to make someone’s day is to take a moment and join a community activity like a tree lighting ceremony,

Christmas community play, or working volunteer hours at a place that is close to your heart.  The important thing is to reach out to others, everyone needs someone.


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