Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Do you ever think about how many times per day you say that you are too busy? Too busy to talk on the phone to an old friend, too busy to go to the gym, too busy to hear how your child’s day was at school, or too busy to volunteer? If you find yourself saying this too often, we can miss out on the blessings and miracles of life. I personally used to be guilty of over-committing and never saying no. When I realized that I was not being as productive, I started to plan out my days and I am happy to say that I enjoy on a daily basis the blessings of seeing the sunrise. To have the ability to admire the blue skies each and every morning is a blessing. If that morning it is raining and I do not see the sunrise, I enjoy the raindrops.

I enjoy the blessing of being able to speak to people daily and listen to their stories and concerns. Sometimes a person just needs a listening ear for support. We cannot fix everyone’s problems, but it is amazing how some problems can be corrected by listening to a person and then that person comes up with a solution just from sharing with someone willing to listen.

My favorite thing in life to do is to enjoy the blessing of quiet moments with God. In the stillness and quiet of my home when no one is around except the wind blowing the windchime, I can recharge my batteries for the day. So the next time that you think you are too busy, stop and think about what can you rearrange and spend less time on. Can you schedule things on a calendar and not give yourself more than you can do in a day. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you can check something off your to-do list when you only give yourself what you can do in a day.

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Christmas Countdown Day 9 Just for You

It seems that as soon as November rolls around for many of us we get really busy with children’s activities and the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, shopping for Christmas, decorating, plays, shows, family and non stop invitations to Christmas parties and activities.  We can make a career out of attending events all through the Christmas season without taking  a moment to recharge our batteries.

This Christmas season we are only 9 days in to the month, take a moment to write a list of what you have left to do, organize your time to allow some down time daily for yourself to just sip on coffee , tea, or hot cocoa uninterrupted, read, spend a few extra minutes just enjoying your significant other or your kids and pets.

Take another moment and write yourself a Christmas card and stick it in your stocking addressed “a Christmas gift to me” and enclose money/gift card to do whatever you like to do whether a pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, movie or anything that is a “just you” activity that will help you relax and enjoy the moment!

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Merry Christmas!

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