Did you ever have someone tell you to breathe?  I don’t mean in the context of life and death breathing, but rather breathe to calm yourself down from the stress of life.  We get wrapped up in the stresses of life and whether we can get everything accomplished in the short time frame that we give ourselves.  If we allow this stress to take control, by the end of the day we are overwhelmed, tired, cranky and unable to concentrate on the things that we are trying to accomplish.

Today take a moment to breathe, look at the breeze outside as the leaves on the trees swing back and forth ever so gently.  This is God’s way of bringing peace in our lives with a gentle breeze that forces us to stop and take a moment to breathe so that we can take it all in calmly and without needed stress, after all,  the task has to be done whether we are stressed or not, so why not opt for the “no stress” approach to get things accomplished.

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