Christmas Countdown Day 10

Do you remember how excited you were as a child during Christmas?  As soon as you started seeing candy canes, you knew that Christmas was almost here.

Life was simple with wishes for a toy truck, a train, a doll, a bicycle, or a kitchen set.

Kids were entertained with reading stories by the Christmas tree every night staying on their best behavior.

The times have changed to get the latest greatest electronic toys that get opened in the first hour of Christmas morning and then possibly put aside later that afternoon because the boredom with it settled in.  Today let’s rewind back to those simpler days at least for the Christmas season.

Read a book under the tree, wrap gifts together, sing Christmas carols as you decorate the Christmas tree, and enjoy breakfast together Christmas morning before opening gifts.  Our family tradition for years has been to have everyone together for a big breakfast with the aromas of freshly baked blueberry muffins and the warmth of coffee, hot cocoa, and breakfast casseroles.

Those special moments together before a marathon of everyone opening gifts one at a time are the memories we treasure.
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