Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Do you ever think about how many times per day you say that you are too busy? Too busy to talk on the phone to an old friend, too busy to go to the gym, too busy to hear how your child’s day was at school, or too busy to volunteer? If you find yourself saying this too often, we can miss out on the blessings and miracles of life. I personally used to be guilty of over-committing and never saying no. When I realized that I was not being as productive, I started to plan out my days and I am happy to say that I enjoy on a daily basis the blessings of seeing the sunrise. To have the ability to admire the blue skies each and every morning is a blessing. If that morning it is raining and I do not see the sunrise, I enjoy the raindrops.

I enjoy the blessing of being able to speak to people daily and listen to their stories and concerns. Sometimes a person just needs a listening ear for support. We cannot fix everyone’s problems, but it is amazing how some problems can be corrected by listening to a person and then that person comes up with a solution just from sharing with someone willing to listen.

My favorite thing in life to do is to enjoy the blessing of quiet moments with God. In the stillness and quiet of my home when no one is around except the wind blowing the windchime, I can recharge my batteries for the day. So the next time that you think you are too busy, stop and think about what can you rearrange and spend less time on. Can you schedule things on a calendar and not give yourself more than you can do in a day. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you can check something off your to-do list when you only give yourself what you can do in a day.

Author Rosie Moore

The Everyday Blessings

Did you ever think about that dress you wanted to get but you just could not swing it this week or the house upgrades that you want to do, but short of charging your credit card till it maxed out, you were not able to afford it?  Those are the wants that in life we desire and make us say we are just not blessed despite helping others.  The reality of that statement is so untrue.

Daily we are blessed with just waking up, breathing air and opening our eyes.  There are days that we wake up feeling like we have not accomplished much of anything, but when we step back and look at what we have done and what we have around us, no matter how small it is, we realize, yes, we are blessed.  We may not feel that the blessing is exactly what we want in life (for some the big house, vacations, fancy cars, etc) but at the end of the day, looking at others around us in our own city, we are.  Think of the many that long to have a home and they can’t because they lost their job and they are just barely getting by.  Think of the parent that wants to have a baby, but infertility is in the way or if they do have a baby, the baby for some reason is born premature changing their lives forever.

Today, take a moment to reflect on your many blessings and share them with those around you.   A cup of tea or coffee goes a long way.

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Blessings of the New Year

Today as we start to put all the Christmas decorations away, I cannot help but think about the Christmas hustle and bustle that went on a few weeks prior. The house looked beautiful with twinkling lights, presents under the tree, family and friends celebrating Christmas with us sitting at the dining room table enjoying dinner and Christmas stories from our past.

Now we go back to normal. We are getting ready to put away the tree, the ornaments, the things that make Christmas special in our home. The beautiful centerpieces that made our dining room table look elegant. Now all that is left on our table is Christmas cards, store receipts, Christmas Card address book and thoughts of the work upcoming for the year.

As I picked up the Christmas cards and reread some along with the beautiful newsletters attached, I realized how blessed I was. These cards represent people who thought about my family and me during the busy Christmas season. I started to pray for each and every person that sent a card that as the New Year 2017 started, that they would receive health and blessings in the coming year.

As I put things away, I thanked God for the receipts that I had because it signified that I had a job to purchase a gift for someone. I thanked God for my family’s health as I saw an unexpected bill from our son’s pediatrician and pharmacy that set us back Christmas week several hundred dollars.  Some may ask,  how is that a blessing?  It is a blessing because at least I had insurance that covered some of it and also because God gave us this miracle who at that moment had a stomach virus and strep throat.  My son was a premature baby and they are more susceptible to illnesses due to their under developed lungs and other health issues.  It could have been much worse, but because of His grace it was not as severe. I also thanked God because I have the opportunity to work and do the things that I love while also at the same time helping others in need of support through The Gift of Life charity.

When I first looked at the mess, that is what I looked at it as, a big mess and chore to put it all away. But today as we put away all the things that represent Christmas decorations in our home together as a family, I realize I am truly blessed. I am reminded daily that Christmas is the  season of miracles and remembering that beyond Santa Claus, we have a Savior that was born on Christmas day.

Happy New Year!

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