Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Do you ever think about how many times per day you say that you are too busy? Too busy to talk on the phone to an old friend, too busy to go to the gym, too busy to hear how your child’s day was at school, or too busy to volunteer? If you find yourself saying this too often, we can miss out on the blessings and miracles of life. I personally used to be guilty of over-committing and never saying no. When I realized that I was not being as productive, I started to plan out my days and I am happy to say that I enjoy on a daily basis the blessings of seeing the sunrise. To have the ability to admire the blue skies each and every morning is a blessing. If that morning it is raining and I do not see the sunrise, I enjoy the raindrops.

I enjoy the blessing of being able to speak to people daily and listen to their stories and concerns. Sometimes a person just needs a listening ear for support. We cannot fix everyone’s problems, but it is amazing how some problems can be corrected by listening to a person and then that person comes up with a solution just from sharing with someone willing to listen.

My favorite thing in life to do is to enjoy the blessing of quiet moments with God. In the stillness and quiet of my home when no one is around except the wind blowing the windchime, I can recharge my batteries for the day. So the next time that you think you are too busy, stop and think about what can you rearrange and spend less time on. Can you schedule things on a calendar and not give yourself more than you can do in a day. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you can check something off your to-do list when you only give yourself what you can do in a day.

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Poetic Justice Years Later

Poetic Justice Years Later

This is going to be a long blog, not my typical type, but I wanted to share this with you, my readers because sometimes we hold on to things and realize years later, we did not need to.

There are times when people cross our paths and deliberately hurt us in such a way that you never want to remember that moment.  Six years ago I worked for a large employer that I thought was going to be the place I would retire from in my old age; until I encountered a woman who was my boss, we will call her Madame G.  She was a very self-centered person that had no shame in telling a person what she thought about them. She made it known that she did not like people or children and often joked that she was lucky she liked her own children but refused to acknowledge that she even had grandkids.  Her grandkids were not allowed to call her grandma, she had a special name for them to call her, it was Gma.  She raved about her ability to be the best in the industry.  Wow! There was no room for questions and answers, the response as a new manager there that I received was read your policy and procedure book ( this book of many was over 300 plus pages long).  This type of job was new to me as far as state laws were concerned and some training would have been appreciated, but the management portion of my job was not new to me.

I had a team of about 15 nurses and social workers.  The team was great, they were willing to work hard and help each other.   My team was very multicultural consistent of Spanish, Haitian,  Trinidad, African American, and White, but I loved the diversity because no other team had that.   My management style is that of a transformational leader which is someone who seeks to motivate and inspire others by influencing versus directing others.   My boss was a transactional leader which is someone that focuses on supervision, organization, and performance.  They promote compliance by rewards and punishments.  She was feared by many on her team.  I realized this on day one of being with her, but with a little boy that had medical needs, I knew I could not afford to leave this high paying job with benefits.  As the months went by this leader brought me to tears daily at my desk ( I worked from home primarily and in the field with my staff).

On one instance, two months after starting work there,  I was to meet her at the office so that the management could go out to lunch after that for the Christmas season.  Madame G started to ask me why I was not caught up on all the reports that the other managers who had been there longer than 5 years had completed.  I advised her that I had questions on the reports as there were many due at all different times of the months, her response to me was, “is there something wrong with your learning ability?” I felt bullied at that very moment thinking, did my boss just call me stupid?  I held back my tears and anger long enough to reply no, I just had a question, but I will figure it out.  We left for our lunch with the other teammates.  At lunch she presented us with a gift that she felt fit our individual personalities.  My gift was a black velvet Journal called Bright Ideas.  I thought it was a nice gift since I love to write.  I thanked her and said this will come in handy when I am out and I think of a good idea to write for a new book or blog.  Her response to that was, “I don’t read books, I read the policy and procedure every night and that way I memorize it, anything else there is no point in reading. ” I found this to be strange but moved on.

The following month I had to go out to do visits with one of my staff, during that time, I went to a nursing home and met some of her patients.  While there I picked up a bacteria from a patient.  I was deathly ill, to the point that I could not even sit at my desk to work. I went to the local Centra Care and they thought I had a passing cold, and gave me medicine to take and instead of getting better, I developed fever, chills, pain, weakness, and became dehydrated.  My husband in fear took me there again, they tested me for the flu but found out instead I had picked up a rare bacteria.  They asked where I had been and as I explained that I was at the nursing home, they realized it was a nursing home borne bacteria.  I was quarantined contagious, my then toddler son had to be sent to my mother’s house and anything I ate with or drank from had to be disposable.  My husband emailed Madam G because I could not sit up at the desk long enough to write it.  The Dr. had excused me from work for an entire week, due to being contagious for a week or the alternative would have been a hospitalization.  I said I would comply and rest.  Madame G wrote back stating that I needed to go to work since I worked from home and that my work was going to be backed up as no one was going to do it for me.  I had to go back to Centra Care to get a note so that I could fax it to Madame G excusing me from working at home as well.  Eventually, I did get better and was definitely careful to visit nonsick patients when I did field visits with my staff in order to protect my fragile medical child that could not afford to get sick.  This posed problems with Madame G because she said that was why she did not like kids because they were always sick.   Whenever I took PTO to take him to appointments, I received a lecture about it.  I took PTO when my sister in law passed away and even that was questioned.   Wow!

As the months went by, things did not get any better, until one day, we received an email from the general manager stating that Madame G was on medical leave because she had to go out of town due to her son being severely ill.  I wanted to do the happy dance because I thought yes peace on earth for a while, but I did ask God for forgiveness and prayed for her son.  Work life was going great while she was gone.  I learned a lot, did my job and sought help from others.  It was nice to be praised for good work by her covering manager.  I even got to plan the department Company lunch for Christmas, from what I heard,  the staff stated they never had a nicer party than that.  I was glad that it brought people from all across Central Florida together.

Months later she came back with a fury, I had reached out to her when she came back to say I hope her son was okay and that I would pray for his continued recovery, I felt it was okay to say because on many occasions she said she was a Christian.  Things continued to worsen to the point that HR got involved for her yelling at me and then retaliating because I complained to HR.   When I went in for my evaluation one day she proceeded to talk about the gun that she carried everywhere she went and how she was not afraid to use it.  She spoke about how she scared off men so that they would not think they were taking advantage of her.  I feared for my life being in a board room with no one around and her telling stories of having a gun with her everywhere she went.  After 18 long months, I could not stand it anymore and left.  My staff still to this day write to say hello and tell me that they miss me but understood why I left and Madame G left shortly after I did ( No one knows the details if she was asked to leave or if she left on her own).

As Mrs. Michigan International, I get the opportunity to attend many events to help promote the charity The Gift of Life that supports babies born prematurely and their parents.  Recently, I was asked to be at a high profile event where many celebrities would be present and be the keynote speaker at the event.  I thought what an honor for the charity.  My good friend and singer attended the event with me, she was a great supporter to me that day ( I will share why in a minute).  When I received the program book I nearly passed out, under the volunteer section, in black and white it listed the name of the volunteers, and there it was Madame G’s name.  I could not believe it, I called my friend and she said can it be someone else, I said sadly no, this person has a name so unique it cannot be mistaken for another Jane Doe.  I thought maybe she won’t show up, maybe she just helped out and that was the extent of her help.  I lost sleep over it the night before.  My friend prayed for me and bless her heart I think she worried over it with me.

I arrived at the location and as soon as I got there I saw Madame G from afar and thought please help me to stay away from her God.  Well, as I walked to the check-in table the Coordinator of the event, came up to me with open arms and a warm greeting and announced to everyone,  this is Rosie Moore, Mrs. Michigan International, our celebrity. She looked over at Madame G and said, come and take her to the restroom to get ready with her sash and crown.  My friend had arrived but was preparing to sing so I was not able to get her to come with me.  I wanted to just die at that moment.  As she came up to me, she gave me a hug and said welcome.  She proceeded to have me place my bags in their designated spot and walked me to the restroom to get my sash and crown on.  We walked around the entire building as she did not know it was right across from where we had been standing until someone pointed that out to her.  She made small talk about the humid weather and early rise of the day.  She asked if I needed help getting ready, I said the fastest no on the planet.

The day went by as I posed for pictures with the celebrity guests and in one of those instances, I had to pose in a picture with her as well in a group picture.  I tried to remove myself from the picture but it was insisted that I remain because all the volunteers wanted the picture with me in it.  Soon it was time for my speech, I was not nervous to speak because of the people that attended the event but more so that someone that hated me so much and bullied me for a year and a half was going to be sitting in the audience.  She had been assigned to make sure I had everything I needed that day.  I tried to be self-sufficient, but honestly was being treated as the second main celebrity of the day.

I presented my speech with confidence.  The prayers that my friend said just before speaking worked because not an ounce of nervousness or hesitation came about.  I did not think of Madame G or anyone else.  I spoke about what The Gift of Life is and why we do what we do.  I was recognized with an award for being a speaker.  I was touched at this generosity.

The event has long passed a few months ago and these thoughts were still in my head.  I thought about poetic justice and the flip side is the person that treated me so wrong was humbled by having to serve me that day ( in the sense of seeing to anything I needed).  But as I really thought about the lesson in all of this, it was a lesson for me, it taught me also to be humble and give all my worries and anxieties to God.  When my friend prayed my nerves were calmed down.  I lost sleep the night before over something that was not my problem to worry about.  I learned that I should pray for those that are indifferent towards me.

I have seen this person at another event that I attended, again I was given a VIP seat at the event and she was there in another section with the volunteers.  I happened to see her in the hallway of this event and pointed her out to my husband and my friend that also attended this event.  I greeted her and said, hello we meet again after she saw that it was me that said the words, she continued to walk the other way away from me.  I know in my heart that I will forgive this woman because that is what God asks us to do.  She may harbor ill feelings or dislike towards me, but that is something that she will deal with on her own.  As for me,  I choose to be free of someone hurting me and holding on to those feelings for years.

Just Rosie Moore

Christmas Ghosts and Miracles

Christmas Ghosts and Miracles

Every year author Rosie Moore writes encouraging messages daily for the 25 day countdown to Christmas. This year she was preoccupied with the new ventures in life and she almost let the year go by without writing, but as she pondered on the thought, she wanted to bring you her readers, Christmas ghosts and Miracles. Stay tuned December 14th for these impactful ghosts and the miracles that came out of them.

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Are You Living at Peace?

As we stop to think of what is happening in the world and what our youth is being exposed to, I can’t help but pray for our nation and my own little one growing up in this world.

When I started to work today and went about my day, I reflected on what having peace in my life means to me.  It represents that centuries ago a baby was born and for 33 years He dedicated His life to share God’s Word, heal the sick, and give faith to those who lacked it by the miracles He performed on earth.  This baby was God’s only Son that He gave up to save us.  I know most people will bypass my writing today, but it’s okay I don’t mind, those that need the encouragement will read it.

As I watch this video I think of what it represents.  It represents the joy of God when we are saved and how He loves us and will do anything for us, however He gives us free will.  In that free will, we have to recognize that we need Him when we stray.  Many things call us away from the Lord, drugs, alcohol, wrong crowds, parties, and just whatever is sin in general. We have all fallen short as the Bible says, but as we repent of our sins daily God forgives us.  Sometimes we have to go through many trials of failures, illnesses, financial ruin, and fall on our face and even get so close to death before we surrender all to God. Why is that?  Because   we are all human and have free will,

Despite our sins, Jesus is interceding for us.  But He cannot help us if we don’t ask Him in to our lives and surrender our hearts to Him.  I am not saying that once that happens we will be free of all harm, because in this world we will have trials.  But I can promise you that the trials can be more tolerable with God by our side.

Watch in this video about how this young lady has the love of the Lord but then a fast talking boyfriend offers her love that she thinks is missing in her life.  That love leads to sex, drugs, alcohol, bulimia, cutting herself and almost losing her life and when she cries out to the Lord, the battle she faces to try and leave.  But what happens? As she is fighting, you can see the Lord interceding for her, she asks God for strength and the Lord comes to fight for her and takes the beatings to save her.  Many of us are just like her in this video, fighting to get to the Lord but we don’t know how to get to Him because many things get in the way.  Today I am here to tell you that you do not have to fight anymore, just reach out to God call His name and He will help you.

As you see in this video, The Lord cleans her up and takes her in His arms because He loves us as we are.  Today and tomorrow as you reflect on your own life and what peace means, think about these words, many centuries ago, a man gave up His life of comfort and security because His Father asked Him to.  As an obedient Son, He did, why would He do that you ask? He gave up His life because we are all God’s children and He wanted all of us to have an opportunity to be saved. So today, reach out to Him.

This post came as a surprise to me, but I am posting it because it is what I felt in my heart to write.

John 3:16 –21 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.”

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Don’t Allow the News to Dictate Your Outlook on Your Life

In today’s world we are surrounded by negativity everywhere we look. When we turn on the news it is the rape, murder, robbery, or the political issues that we hear first.  How sad that all we hear as we wake up and start our day is negative news in the world.  What if we started our day listening to a positive inspirational message or watched a funny television show that made you laugh from start to finish.  How would our mood change and affect our day?

May is mental health awareness month and with depression, anxiety and suicide on the rise, we cannot allow these emotions to take over our entire lives.  There are always going to be angry people in the workplace, on the road, at the store, and even in our own family.  We can choose to be upset with them and share in their negative behavior or we can say, “You know what, by getting upset, depressed, and feeling sad or stressed, it is not going to change that person and will leave us feeling bad.  So today, choose to say, “I cannot change anyone else and how they feel or their circumstance, but I can change my outlook and how I see things; I choose not to allow someone else’s negative vibe get the better of me.”

A personal tip from me and what I do, I wake up in the morning watching one of my favorite TV shows that makes me laugh and even though it is an old show and they are reruns from before we were all born, it is funny, I Love Lucy.  I can watch the same show many times and still laugh at it.  Find something that makes you laugh.  Next when I go to the gym in the morning, instead of filling my mind with the loud music early in the morning, or the select channels of negative news, I look for some inspirational videos that I want to watch before I enter the gym and usually you can find one that is 30-45 minutes long or however long you need it to be for that particular day’s work out and watch that.  Watching those videos as you are on a cardio machine not only fills your heart and mind with something inspirational, but you may learn a thing or two that will help you.  If you are doing weights and walking around, find a station of music that inspires you and that you can feel energized with or you can continue to listen to the video without watching it since it is usually a speaker on a stage.

Have a blessed weekend and let us remember that it is not about the three day holiday weekend, we should remember those that died in the line of duty to give us the freedom that we have today.

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