Serendipity December 27th

December 27, 2005, a man named Marcus Moore asked me to be his wife by heart-shaped fireworks as we watched them from my house. Today is our 12 year engagement anniversary. Many don’t know the whole story, but if you read my book A Story of Faith, you will be able to read in detail how we ended up together. Today is about saying thank you to a man that allowed me in 12 years to become who I am today. In 12 years I completed my bachelors, masters and I am also almost finished with my doctorate of nurse practice.   We started a successful wedding business 27 Miracles, a non-profit organization called The Gift of Life, expanded my love of dance to a point where I could go to a competition in a group and win 1st place with my group, performed in ballets, Christmas shows, and musicals.   We have traveled to places I have never been before, learned to laugh, and care about others, write books, and become a legal nurse.  We had a beautiful baby boy that although born prematurely was the inspiration to start a non-profit to help other premature babies and their families. 

I was able to achieve a Master Bridal Consultant designation.  My latest accomplishment was the designation of Mrs. Windermere International, through this title I am able to reach audiences I would never have dreamed of reaching for my platform The Gift of Life. 


To think he manages all this in my life.  I am sure there is so much more …but first of all, I thank God for placing Marcus in my path many years ago and then I thank Marcus for being there for me through the ups and downs of life. Happy 12 year engagement anniversary! A serendipity moment that neither of us will ever forget.

If today you are looking for that serendipity moment in your life, do not worry it will come.  I waited almost 8 years for it.

Read A Story of Faith

and my newest romance novel based on fiction but oh so inspiring to many, When Being in Love Hurts.  

Give yourself time, the right person will come in your life one day when you least expect it.  Miracles do happen!

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PRESS RELEASE Author Rosie Moore Pen It! Publications, LLC


Author Rosie Moore has recently signed with Pen It! Publications, LLC to publish several of her books.  Most recently we have released A Story of Faith.

Rosie Moore is an author of children and adult books.  Her career paths have led her through being a master wedding and event planner, travel agent, nurse, mother, and founder of the non-profit organization called The Gift of Life.  There’s nothing more inspiring than a story that touches the heart and grants insight into deeper truths. She presents her collection of impactful works in addition to A Story of Faith, a book where Rosie shares her struggles, triumphs, and takeaways about infertility and having a child born premature. Her lessons for children can be seen in the children’s books she has authored.  These stories help children find comfort and confidence of fear, loneliness, and self-doubt. A percentage of the proceeds from all of Rosie Moore’s books go to support The Gift of Life, an organization that supports and empowers the parents and families of premature infants.

Rosie has three children, Christopher, Kayla, Kaleb, and one fur baby, Daisy the Basset Hound.  She is bilingual in Spanish and holds a translator certification through Berlitz. She has worked for many years in the healthcare and legal field, where her compassion and love of people originated.  Her hobbies include reading, writing, dancing, spending time with her kids, and her husband.  Most recently Rosie Moore was crowned Mrs. Windermere and hopes to use the platform to raise awareness about The Gift of Life.




A Story of Faith:  Sometimes you ask yourself, “Why do I go through the challenges that I go through,” and later on you find out that it is to glorify the Lord. But I tell you, at the time the challenge and trial is taking place, it is not the best time in one’s life. It often feels like the end of the world and like there is nowhere to turn. The emotions that one feels are personal and often it feels like the Lord has abandoned us. But, it is in those tough times, that the Lord is closest to us. He is guiding us and molding us into the Christian woman or man that He wants us to be.   Rosie Moore devotes her time to the Lord and shares with you this inspirational book: A Story of Faith. It is her hope that it helps you along the way in your walk with God.

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If you have any questions or require additional information in order to print this press release, it would be our pleasure to assist you.  You may email Debi Stanton, President of Pen It! Publications, LLC at for more information.

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He Who Gives

Everyone knows that famous line from Dr. Martin Luther King, “I have a dream.”  I am sure that many people have been able to use that as inspiration when they refer to their own dreams.  Some people don’t look at Dr. Martin Luther King as the public figure that he was, but rather as someone who was not afraid to admit his own fears.

I will use myself as an example, I am an accomplished author of several children’s books and an adult book with many more in production.  Most recently, my publisher that had taken me on as one of their top authors and published my books at no cost because they believed in my writing and skill, has gone bankrupt.  You can imagine my fear wondering, what will happen to my already published books circulating the market, what will happen to my other books they have in production, what will I do?  After thinking about this and hearing other authors who paid thousands of dollars to have a chance at publishing with them and losing money, I thought, okay what can I do as an individual? Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech came to mind from my history books, movies and teachers that have used and engraved that phrase somewhere in the back of my mind.  “I have a dream.” I have heard that many times.  Now it was time to say , ” I have a dream.” I have a dream to write, to share knowledge, to share stories, to be inspiring, to give hope and encouragement through my many styles of writing.  I can either stay where I am and wallow in self-pity or I can rise about this temporary set back and push through and become successful in my writing again.

I have a great testimony and I know that I can make a difference in someone’s life and help change things in this world when given an opportunity to share my writings. I am blessed to have people in my life that encourage my writing and believe in me.  So if they believe in me, why shouldn’t I?

So today I leave you with this, believe in your dream, do not give up, if God planted that dream in your heart, it will be a matter of time before it comes true.  If God gives you a dream, He will teach you how to use it to give to others.

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