Pageant Coaching

As it is with succeeding in any worthwhile pursuit, being a successful pageant contestant requires the right mindset, training, and practice. As your pageant coach, I can help you excel at these and more. 

Dr. Rosie’s Pageant Coaching Service: My 10 Points of Focus


1. Wardrobe Planning and Shopping Assistance

You want the best pageant wardrobe. Finding those perfect gowns and other stunning wardrobe items gets challenging. Insightful guidance eases the struggle. We can explore your existing wardrobe to pinpoint and fill any gaps with suitable additions. I can guide you in connecting with pageant wardrobe sponsors and discovering great places to complete your search for the necessary clothing, shoes, and accessories. Be efficient and effective at communicating your look. 


2. Makeup and Hair Training

Many pageant contestants anticipate getting their hair and makeup done by professionals. Maintaining that freshly-done look requires forethought and skill. You want to look your best at all times. Learn my tips and techniques for keeping your hair and makeup at their best on demand.  


3. Nutrition and Fitness Program

Are you ready for the swimsuit and fitness portion of your pageant? As a contestant, you want to be prepared to put forth your best in every area, including these revealing segments. Benefit from my experience in getting the body pageant ready and creating the habits that make maintaining the swimsuit-ready you feel natural for the long term. Get ready to see yourself in the best shape of your life.


4. Interview Readiness 

Serious pageant contestants know that their speaking skills need to be sharp. The call for public speaking comes even in what may seem like the most impromptu moments. Especially when being interviewed before audiences and by the judges, you want to be confident, clear, and concise. Be ready for any interview environment through the right training and practice. 


5. Platform Development

Your platform should be a cause that you truly want to champion. Many become pageant contestants because of their heartfelt desire to further a particular cause. Their sincerity and passion for their platform often radiates even beyond their physical beauty, inspiring others to get involved – or at least support them in the pageant. And you will be judged on your platform. Let’s work on your cause. Mine is The Gift of Life. 


5. Your Bio, Application, and Other Paperwork

Take advantage of every opportunity to let the judges know the type of person you are. How you handle your pageant paperwork is the first impression you make. You want your bio and application to stand out from the many submissions pageant judges review, positioning you positively. And you want your platform statements and on-stage narratives to be on-point. I will coach you on making sure your presentation is compelling from the start. 


6. Your Headshots, Portfolio, and Other Photography

From a simple, elegant headshot to a full modeling portfolio, I can connect you with the right photographer. Through my career as a wedding consultant and nonprofit marketing efforts, I have built relationships with some wonderful experts in photography who you can trust. These professionals can save you a lot of frustration and ensure that the results of your photoshoot are just right.


7. Preparing for Your On-Stage Presentation

Being a successful pageant contestant is very much about poise and posture. These are essential elements along with the rest, requiring focus, training, and practice. From getting that runway walk just right to striking the perfect pose, my pageant coaching will help you command the attention you need. 


8. Sponsorship Strategies

Your ability to build relationships and secure pageant sponsorships can make all the difference in your experience as a contestant. Having the right funding is essential to fulfilling the financial aspect of participating. Let me teach you the tools and techniques that make getting sponsors more straightforward and doable.


9. Developing Your Talent 

When you exit the stage from delivering your vocal or dance performance for the talent portion, do it with pride and satisfaction. The right voice or dance instructors and routines can make your moment be that moment. Train in delivery, presence, and skill to help your talent performance leave a lasting positive impression on the audience, judges, and you. 


10. In-Person Appearance Mastery

Practice is the forerunner of perfection. Through my pageant coaching services you get to perfect and practice your personal appearances by attending a variety of events. Make connections and spread the word about your pageant participation as you refine your skill though real-life experience. 


Having held titles and crowns, learning the world of pageantry as both judge and contestant, I am well-versed and passionate for helping future contestants succeed. There are some tips, techniques, and insights that just make all the difference. Hit your maximum potential by choosing me as your pageant coach. I offer both in-person and online pageant coaching. Get in touch for prices, answers to your questions, and to sign up.

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