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Bullying is Never Okay Especially on National TV

Ms. Lara Spencer Good Morning America Laughs at Prince George When I was in grammar school I was the only dark-skinned Latina in my Catholic grammar school.  My parents worked hard to provide their only daughter with the best education they could.  But I...

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Motivational Speaking

Get Rosie Moore for Your Event

Need a celebrity speaker or appearance at your event? Book Rosie Moore, author, nurse doula, nonprofit founder, master wedding and event planner, master travel agent, and the reigning Mrs. Michigan International

About Rosie

Nurse, author, and founder of The Gift of Life, Rosie Moore was crowned Mrs. Windermere International in 2017 and Mrs. Michigan International in 2018. Her journey began after her son, Kaleb (now known as “Mr. Miracle Kaleb”), was born prematurely, weighing only 1lb. 10 oz. Rosie is a devoted mother, wife, Christian, and champion for women’s physical and emotional health. 

…Because One Person Can Make a Difference

Rosie Moore is an author of children and adult books.  Her career paths have led her through being a master wedding and event planner, travel agent, nurse, mother, and founder of the non-profit organization The Gift of Life.  There’s nothing more inspiring than a story that touches the heart and grants insight into deeper truths and Rosie presents this through her collection of impactful works. 

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The Gift of Life offers hope, encouragement, and support to the parents of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.


 Rosie’s first book, A Story of Faith, is where Rosie shares her struggles, triumphs, and takeaways about infertility and having a child born premature.


Windermere Baby and Family Wellness Center offers support and encouragement to all expectant mothers. We are the go to place that will allow you the freedom to enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood postpartum.



27 Miracles Wedding Consulting is a full-service wedding and event coordination business able to meet your needs from wedding consultation to full event coordination (and anything in between).


The Crown

Rosie is the reigning Mrs. Michigan International. She uses her title and crown to promote The Gift of Life in the hopes of reaching a diverse larger audience to support parents of premature babies and raise awareness about preterm birth and the effects of it.

Just Rosie

Glamour, fame, and medical work aside, exactly who is Rosie Moore? Many are surprised when they find out that, when it’s all said and done, Rosie’s just a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops kind of gal who loves dancing and the Lord. 


Angela Nuran

“Your beauty shines from the inside out, Rosie. Having met you years ago at the wedding gown / breast cancer charity event, watching you continue helping others in so many ways and overcoming your own personal obstacles, it is brilliantly clear what an inspirational woman you are, and what a brilliant choice you’d be to wear any crown.”

Michele Talley Spencer

“No one is more deserving to receive the title of Mrs. Windermere than Rosie Moore. Her passion and dedication to working with premature infants is amazing. As one of few Master Wedding Consultants in the U.S her wedding designs are always top notch. All the best to you and congratulations.”

Jamie Overman Reiss

“Rosie is an amazing, caring, professional person. She is definitely a role model and a person everyone should strive to be. She always helps in any way she can and is always there to listen and guide people.”

Debbie Mirander

“Rosie Moore is a symbol of excellence in all that she does. She wears many hats, as she gracefully multitasks as a wife, mother, author, nurse, student and so much more. Along with her beauty inside and out, her high moral ethics is also one of the reasons she represents herself and her family so well. I know if given the opportunity Rosie will represent her state with that same excellence.”

Radcliff Taylor

“Rosie, you are an inspiration and your admirable dedication should be well recognized working with premature infants 👶. May the Almighty God Bless and Guide you to continue doing his work. You really deserve to be crowned Mrs Windermere International- Please have faith and keep it alive.”

Shelby Victoria

“The work that you do with premature babies is awesome. I was a premature baby myself and no hats would fit me to keep me warm. Your charity, The Gift of Life, provides hats that fit preemie babies to keep them warm, which is so important, for any baby. You are an inspiration to all who meet you.”


Words from Rosie

When a Pregnancy is not Viable

I think that this is a hard decision for any mother to make when she is told that her baby may not be viable.  I can see several ethical things here that would make a decision difficult to make.  First of all, there is the termination of the pregnancy recommended...

Religious Ethics

The religious ethics theory focuses on religion, which is depicted by the parent’s upbringing and the older family members typically.  One particular faith, Jehovah’s Witness, does not allow for blood transfusions.  This is very important when you have a baby in the...

Is There Still a Nursing Shortage

It seems that the nursing shortage has been an issue since I was going to school.  I remember at one point I received a one year full scholarship to go to nursing school my first year; then the 2nd year I received a letter that stated the President decided the nursing...